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MediCoder Standard

This configuration contains the Browser. For the AutoEncoder you need MediCoder Premium.

The Browser allows multiple versions of MedDRA to be used at the same time and also allows multiple terminologies (ICD9, ICD9-CM, COSTART, WHOART, WHO-DRUG).

It is easy to use. simply enter the term and press find. A comprehensive grid shows all possible matches, multiaxiality, access to tree views etc. Links are made to the MediMiner to enable the easy creation of Special Search Categories. (See MediMiner)

Data can be imported and exported to a text file or any database in any combination with multiple key fields and in combination. eg import from a text file and when coded send the result to a database. The flexibility of import & export provides direct integration into most systems. By using our comprehensive API then non-open systems can be integrated with.

Summary of Features

Screen Shots

Demo CD

Summary of Features


Multiple versions of MedDRA supported simultaneously
Multiple dictionaries from the same software

MedDRA COSTART  ICD9  ICD9-CM terminologies in one system

Multi-axiality highlighting secondary/primary terms
Custom terminology dictionaries can be used
FDA/EMEA compatibility (Ability to code in LLT or PT terms)
Import/Export from any database, text file or electronic source
Comprehensive API available for integration purposes
Available in English, German, French, Spanish and Dutch


Screen Shots


Browser Software Main Control Screen

Main Browser Screen (click to enlarge)


Browser Software Tree View of MedDRA Data
Full Tree View Screen (click to enlarge)


MedDRA Browser Software MultiAxial Display Tree

Record Tree View Screen showing MultiAxiality (click to enlarge)

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Demo CD

Request a demo CD which contains

  • latest version of MediCoder Standard
  • latest version of MediCoder Premium
  • latest version of the MediMiner
  • interactive installation guide
  • interactive demonstration module

Our CD contains the full software that you may use on your PC for 15 runs. After that it will "time-out". To get a longer evaluation period or for an on-site demonstration contact us today.

Request Demo CD of MedDRA Browsing Encoder and MedDRA AutoEncoderRequest Demo CD of MedDRA Browsing Encoder and MedDRA AutoEncoder

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Request Demo CD of MedDRA Browsing Encoder and MedDRA AutoEncoder
Request Demo CD of MedDRA Browsing Encoder and MedDRA AutoEncoder
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