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Software Technics


Software Technics has programmers available with expertise in Visual C++, Visual Basic, Microsoft Access and SQL Server. We have extensive experience in ActiveX, ADO, DAO, OLE, DCOM and client/server systems. We have developed solutions and drivers for Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Windows CE.

Our experience covers labelling systems, device drivers, large scale database applications, monitoring systems, building control systems and communication applications.

Software Technics has been audited by numerous pharmaceutical companies to ensure our quality procedures meet their very high standards. 

Past Projects

Large scale database projects in Visual Basic, Microsoft Access and SQL Server for credit control systems

Creation of drivers the Building Controls sytem, UniHub from Control Systems International We have created drivers for Fire Alarm Panels, Burglar Alarm Systems, Building Sensors, Lighting Systems and so on.

The creation of a online printing system, firmware and PC Software. The firmware was contained in a control box with a Motorola 68000 processor with custom designed electronics but the majority of software has been developed on a PC using Rapid Application Development ( RAD ) techniques.

Network control software for the EasyPrint Printer on an RS485 network. See

We provide software services to Willett International to facilitate integration of labelling systems into the factory environment and link with AS400 or production line equipment. See

A liquid nitrogen freezer control system for medical freezers that are used to store for example human embryos and cell samples

Multi-production line labelling system for Mölnlycke Healthcare in Belgium

Medical Trials Volunteer Database and Selection system for a major UK clinical trails company

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