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Software Technics

Hello and Welcome to the Software Technics Group
Use our bright ideas to solve your software problems

The Software Technics Group of Companies offers a range of software to the pharmaceutical and labelling industries.

Software Technics Ltd is responsible for software development and offers it software development services to companies who require Visual Basic and Visual C++ development to be carried out. It is also the creator of a labelling system and barcoding components and drivers for industrial and pharmaceutical labelling.

Software Technics handles all aspects of the MedDRA Browsing Encoder and MedDRA AutoEncoder development and marketing.

MedDRA Browsing Encoder and MedDRA AutoEncoder

Labelling and Barcoding

Software Development and Software Consultancy Services

Mirror Sites

MedDRA Browsing Encoder and MedDRA AutoEncoder

The Browsing Encoder allows you to interactively search for a term which matches the verbatim text. It can use the derivatives and synonyms you setup to locate the term based on the study criteria you are using. View the term hierarchy as a tree or across the screen, identify primary and secondary paths. Matching is done using a user configurable weighting calculation which places most probable matches at the top of the result list. View the demo or request a demo CD.

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Mirror Sites

Labelling and Barcoding Components

Software Technics has a long standing expertise in the development of labelling systems and barcoding components for the industrial and pharmaceutical industries in conjunction with our partners.

Check out our labelling systems sites at

Labelling Systems, Labelling Software and Barcoding Software

Software Development and Software Consultancy Services

Software Technics has programmers available with expertise in Visual C++, Visual Basic, Microsoft Access and SQL Server.

Our experience covers labelling systems, device drivers, large scale database applications, monitoring systems, building control systems and communication applications.

For details of some of our past projects and programming experience click here ->

Past Software Development Projects


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